Thank you for your interest in becoming a student!

Admissions Process:

If you are interested in becoming a student here at PATHS you will first have to do a full session visit (8:00-10:30 or 11:00-1:30). To set up a visit contact your guidance counselor at your sending school with your program(s) of choice and they will arrange a date for you. On the date given you will visit your program, participate in class, and fill out a form on which the instructor will leave comments about your acceptance. If you are accepted and wish to attend, visit your counselor when you get back and confirm with them your enrollment here.

When you do a visit please consider the following:

- Music requires a second visit for an audition, a short essay (done in class), and a recommendation.
- Programs such as welding, culinary, manufacturing, carpentry, etc. require that you wear long pants and closed toed shoes.
Visit each program page to see the individual requirements

You are also welcome to set up a tour of our facilities and get a brief look at our different programs to get an idea of which programs you would like to visit, families are welcome to tour our facilities as well!

To set up a visit or tour contact:

Rebecca Davis
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: 207-874-8165