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Valerie Carpentier 
Early Childhood Occupations 
Class of 2013 

Valerie was a PATHS Early Childhood Occupations student for just one year, but during that one year she made a huge impact on the program. Valerie completed her internship with an occupational therapist at Presumpscot School, and was able to bring new information to our class in regard to working with children who have sensory issues and other unique learning needs. Valerie went to Keene State College where she majored in psychology, with a minor in education. She is now working as a behavioral health professional, and has self-published a children’s book called The Buttercup Adventures under the pen name Margaret Ellis Raymond. 


Alyssa Turnbull
Class of 2008

Alyssa started working part time at Jøtul in 2007 while still in high school and making $13.50 an hour. After she graduated she was hired full time with a pay raise and full benefits. Now she is a lab technician and has done many duties including welder, press brake operator, laser operator, documentation assistant and R&D Lab Technician. She is also a board member of SME, which serves the manufacturing industry as a nonprofit by promoting advanced manufacturing technology and developing a skilled workforce. She is finishing her pre-engineering associates degree at SMCC and will be continuing on to USM for mechanical engineering. 

Eric Hughes
Food Service
Class of 2008

Eric runs his own food cart in Portland during the summers called Eric’s Pizza Express. Eric not only benefited from his time in the food service program at PATHS but also from the welding program, who helped him create his cart. Maine Sunday Telegram voted him “best food cart” for 2011-2012. He continues to be successful as this summer he saw a lot of business from cruise ships as well as typical summer tourists.  During this time of year you can find Eric working in the concession stand at the Red Claws basketball games. Eric also serves on the advisory board for the food service program.

Josh Atnip
Class of 2006

Josh immediately went to work as a mason tender upon graduation. A mason tender is someone who makes sure the mason has all they need to build with. Josh was a fast learner and moved his way up the ladder. He was trained and licensed on multiple types of scaffolding. Josh also acquired various forklift and equipment licenses. He was then offered an apprenticeship as a Mason. To be considered as a candidate for an apprentice you must be at work on time and every day and outshine the other tenders and laborers around you. Josh did these things and more. An apprenticeship is 3 years long. After 3 years you are considered a journeyman mason. Josh finished his apprenticeship and became a journeyman. He is now in a leadership position learning to be a foreman. Josh is currently running his own crew on a large masonry project. 

Aaron Bowe

Manufacturing Technology
Class of 2016

Upon graduation Aaron went on to work for Zootility Tools in Portland which creates multitools, openers and more. Aaron's position there is as the mechanical designer. 
Check out their website here
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