Automotive Technology

Year I Instructor: 

John Carmichael

Year II Instructor:
Paul Fearon


Auto Tech

Auto Tech

Auto Tech

Auto Tech

Auto Tech

Program Description:
The Automotive Technology course provides students with skills to develop a thorough understanding of the design, construction and operation of automotive systems. During their two-year involvement with this program, students are taught how to troubleshoot, service and repair modern automobiles. Using the most up-to-date technology available, these students are prepared to face the challenges of today’s automotive industry needs. National affiliations with the Ford Skills Competition, AYES, and ongoing placement opportunities with local dealerships provide practical skill development. Preparation of students for employment and postsecondary education are major goals.

Year I: Shop Safety, Measurement Fasteners & Tools, Lubrication System, Cooling Systems, 4 Cycle Theories, Engine Rebuild, Electricity, Ignitions Systems, Fuel Systems, Computer Controls, Emissions, Manual Transmissions

Year II: Wheels, SP Breaks, Tires, Steering & Suspension, State Inspection, Engine Performance, Electricity, Ford AAA, Skills USA

NATEF Certification
Maine State Certification/ State Inspection Certification
Valvoline Oil Certification
SP2 Safety Certification
ASE Student Certifications


Statewide Articulation Agreements:
Central Maine Community College: Aut-100 (1 credit) & Aut-150 (3 credits)
Eastern Maine Community College: Ata-110 (3 credits)
Northern Maine Community College: Aut-109 (1 credit) & Aut-115 (3 credits)
Southern Maine Community College: Aut-100 (1 credit) & Aut-155 (4 credits)
Washington County Community College: MET-114 (1 credit) & MET-103 (2 credits)
University of Northwestern Ohio


Articulation Agreements:
Central Maine Community College: Aut-100, Aut-110, Aut-120 & Aut-200
Southern Maine Community College: Auto-101, Auto-102, Auto-111, Auto-116 &Auto-155 

Career Opportunities:
Automotive Technician
Diesel Technician
Brake Specialist
Service Writer
Parts Specialist
Aviation Technician

Long Pants
Closed Toe Leather Shoes