2016-2017 Students of Quarter 1
Students of Quarter 1 2016-2017
Posted on 10/31/2016

Automotive Collision
Zak Godwin
Windham High School
Zak has made a great deal of improvement so far this school year. His attendance, attitude, and level of engagement has been outstanding. Zak has been able to take direction and has been listening well, thus improving quality of his shop projects and classroom work.

Felix Atienza-Gorman
Portland High School

Culinary Concepts
Samantha Henry
Kennebunk High School

Samantha brings a bright smile and an eager attitude to class, every day. She shows up ready to go to work, takes good notes, asks pertinent questions and works well with others. Her positivity and likable nature ensure a fruitful future for her in the food service industry.

Wilma Odong
Portland High School

This is Wilma's first year in the dance program at PATHS. Wilma is an accomplished track athlete and brings her athletic ability and natural skill to dance class. Wilma not only possesses excellent technical ability in the dance but demonstrates a commitment to hard work and respect for the classroom process on a daily basis. Wilma's favorite dance form is hip hop!

Early Childhood Occupations
Mikayla Martin
South Portland High School

Mikayla currently holds the highest grade in the class (97). She shows a high level of initiative and professionalism. She has great attendance, and works well with all of her classmates. Most of all, she is a calm, focused presence for children. She listens to them and treats them with respect and kindness.

Fashion Marketing
Zahra Abukar
Portland High School

Zahra goes above and beyond, every single day. Whether it is in her assignments, or maintenance of the classroom, or being a leader and a role model for other student. She mentors other students and is very interested in helping other students with their garment construction skills and helps them to persevere. She also led the set up of the display at the Art Walk in Portland and stayed the whole evening, engaging with customers, and telling them about our program and school. She is just about to go out on an internship that will give her a jump on college and will teach her new skills about the business of fashion. But it is her positive attitude that shines through her good skills. She is always reaching for the next experience, and then can see the learning in each new student venture.

Food Service
Chloe Britton
Aucocisco High School
Chloe is a 1st year student in the Food Service program. Chloe comes to school everyday with a positive attitude. She is very inquisitive and asks questions that help her learn. She treats her classmates/coworkers and the adults in the class with great respect. Chloe models a collaborative worker.

Health Science Occupations
Bethany Rozzi
Casco Bay High School

Bethany has a great attitude in class. She often stays after class to work on classwork with out being asked to. She actively seeks out help when she does not understand any of the material. She also looks to schedule time to make up classwork whenever she is out. Bethany is a delight to have in class and her willingness to learn is a great addition.

Landscapes & Gardens
Megan Arey
South Portland High School

Megan is a very improved student from last year. She has developed confidence in herself and stepped up into a leadership role this year. She has a talent for seeing what other students need and offers them help. She also has the confidence to trust her judgment, which is excellent, and now she initiate tasks independently. She is a very valuable student in this class.

Manufacturing Technology
Arthur Johnson
Casco Bay High School

Arthur's senior project is to design and build a 3D printer that will be the prototype for multiple 3D printers he intends to manufacture this school year--one for each high school and middle school in the Portland Public School District. Using parts from multiple sources--some printed on our current 3D printers, some reclaimed from outdated computers, some donated by IDEXX, and some purchased from vendors, Arthur has completed his design using our SolidWorks CAD program, and is beginning to assemble a prototype. Arthur's knowledge of Manufacturing includes Precision Machining skills learned as a junior in Manufacturing Technology, but also includes programming and electronics skills that he brings to the program. Arthur is planning to Dual Enroll in Integrated Manufacturing at SMCC this year, and to pursue the NOCTI Certification in Manufacturing Technology which is more comprehensive than the NOCTI and NIMS Certifications in Precision Machining that he achieved in his junior year in Manufacturing Technology at PATHS.

Chandan McCall
Scarborough High School

Chandan has perfect attendance. He comes in everyday with a great smile and ready to work attitude. He asks really thoughtful questions and works in the lab area nonstop trying to perfect his craft. This all shows in what he builds as he continues to grow and improve daily!

Harrison Goss
Falmouth High School

Harrison is a self-starter and shows leadership in performance and recording studio.

New Media
Alexis Tracy
GNG High School

She is a senior at GNG and second year student in New Media whose primary interest is digital photography. She submitted several photos to both the Windsor Fair and the Cumberland Fair and came away with prizes from both Fairs. She has already made a name for herself in photography in the Gray New Gloucester area. Her picture entitled "Snake Smile" (attached) not only won her honors at the fairs, but it was selected to be the October photo for cPort Credit Unions yearly calendar. She is a picture hound who loves all areas of photography, but excels in the areas of nature and portraits.

Plumbing & Heating
Grady Betters
South Portland High School

Grady and his helper Josh removed and replaced the 40 year old, non-functioning valve and hose connections in the masonry class. This was done professionally, neatly and in the time of 1 class period.

Darren Ingraham
Scarborough High School

Darren has worked very hard at participating in class; he has overcome many things he viewed as obstacles to his success.