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PATHS School Board Representative

PATHS now has our first ever Portland Public Schools student school board representative! Maria Fontaine, a junior at Portland High, and a student in our Commercial Art program was sworn in on June 2nd at the school board meeting.

Watch her swearing in ceremony:

Maria Fontaine  Maria Fontaine


Buddy Benches

Riverton and Hall Elementary School have both undertaken the community-based “Buddy Bench” project this year.  The project is a collaboration between the elementary schools and the Portland Arts and Technology High School, Deering High School, Hancock Lumber and WMTW 8 News. As a result of the collaboration, Buddy Benches are being installed at the schools' playgrounds in May.

How does the Buddy Bench work?  A child feeling alone or upset during recess could sit on the wooden Buddy Bench for peer support. That would signal trained student “buddies” to join the child on the bench to talk and/or engage in productive recess play. The benches will help fourth- and fifth-graders become empowered as school leaders and mentors for younger students.

DHS students have trained the fourth- and fifth-graders on how to be “buddy” mentors. Training has focused on what it feels like to be excluded, how to help other students feel more included, and how to be part of a school culture that supports kindness and friendship as a general practice. At Riverton, the project connects with the school’s Positive Behavior Support and Second Step programs. Riverton has been filming the initial training to use with other grade levels, in order to reinforce positive school culture and how such positive behavior is an expectation for all students.

With the aid of material donated by Hancock Lumber, PATHS students in the Woodworking and Masonry program have been building two Buddy Benches this year, one for each elementary school. WMTW 8 News is the schools' media partner throughout the project, in connection with the station’s “Rise Up Against Bullying” program.

Our students were recognized for their part in the project at the Portland school board meeting on June 2nd.

Buddy Bench      Buddy Bench


Student Built House Sold

After four years of hard work, a house built by our carpentry program students has been completed and sold. The new owners had the modular structure moved to its new site in Durham. The project gave students hands-on, real-life experience building the house, which is a Cape with two dormers and three to four bedrooms, depending on how the new owners make use of the space.

Check out this great Press Herald Article about the project!:

Carpentry Students


Five Students Receive Child Development Associate

Five of our Early Childhood Occupations students have passed their Child Development Associate (CDA)- the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education. The CDA is based on a core set of competency standards, which guide early care professionals as they work toward becoming qualified teachers of young children.

Katie Josephs of Falmouth
Marguerite Aceto of Deering
Micheala Vanpembrook of Deering
Kiana Acvedo of Portland
Samantha Ballenger of Greely

Marguerite was also recently hired at the Children's Center- a preschool in greater Portland- as a sub, after a quarter long internship there through our early childhood program. 



Maine Marine Trouble Shooting Contest 

Three teams of students from the RMR program competed in the Maine Marine Trouble Shooting Contest at Portland Yacht Services. The competition included a written portion, an electrical trouble shooting section and a starting problem on an outboard motor.

1st Place: Patrick Shaw of Scarborough and Tom Adelhardt of Kennebunk
2nd Place: Braden Wellington of Cape and Dylan Griffin of Deering
5th Place: Dylan Putnam of Kennebunk and Philip Richards of Yarmouth

We also had the top three scores on the written exam: Dylan Griffin 1st, Patrick Shaw 2nd, and Tom Adelhardt 3rd. All three had scores of 100%. They needed to use time to determine the final placing. Students received a $5000 Scholarship for 1st place and $2500 for second.

                       rmr  RMR


SkillsUSA Maine State Competition

Evan Lunn of Gray-New Gloucester placed first in the automotive event of the SkillsUSA Maine State Competition. 

About 500 students from around the state competed in the 2015 Maine State SkillsUSA Championships on March 6, testing their abilities in skills that are needed in the real world in 68 event categories. Among those categories are automotive, welding, health care, electrical, plumbing and culinary arts.In the automotive event the contest started with a 35-question test followed by ten 15- minute stations. The stations ranged from diagnosing a check engine light on a 2013 Chevrolet car, to flaring brake lines. He was also graded on how well he performed a mock job interview. This competition tests the student in an array skills needed in the automotive industry. He won a $10,000 scholarship to the University of Northwestern Ohio, a $10,000 scholarship to the Universal Technical Institute and about $500 worth of tools.

Evan is now eligible to attend the national competition in Louisville Kentucky in June. 

Evan and the other PATHS contestants were featured on two different news channels, check them out!:

Skills USA



Portsmouth Naval Shipyard sent a team of 30 people that included engineers, divers, sonar techs, sailors and other personnel from the U.S. Navy shipyard in Kittery where they presented a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The team conducted 10 different workshops that exhibited real-life applications of STEM and also gave students a sense of  life at the shipyard.

The purpose of the day was to show students some of the career opportunities that exist in STEM-related fields and encourage interested students to pursue higher education and/or careers in a STEM-related field.

PATHS students took different workshops that closely relate to the industry they’re studying. Even culinary students found workshops tied to their field of study. For example, there was an ice-cream making demonstration, during which students learned about chemistry, energy transfer and molecular structure. And they learned about material strength in a delicious “chocolate asphalt” workshop.

Among other workshops, health science students learned about the physics of deep sea diving and automotive technology students learned about naval nuclear power.
It was a great experience for all! 




Our Culinary Concepts program received a farm-to-table demonstration from Omen Viele, the butcher at Rosemont Market, and Matt Ginn, chef at the Mediterranean restaurant Evo, on how to butcher half of a 300-pound pig and it was broken down to get a glimpse of what the different types of meat are.

The Forecaster attended and wrote a great article:

Pig Butching
(Photo: Colin Ellis / The Forecaster)