Infinite Campus Parent Portal:
Through our parent portal you will be able to monitor your student's attendance, grades and see announcements of upcoming events such as conferences and open house. Please check with your student for your login username and password.
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Student Absence Protocol:
Regular and punctual school and class attendance is essential to a student’s educational success. Students are expected to attend school every day unless they have an excused absence.  Maine law and School Board policy JE define excused absences as follows: 

  1. personal illness
  2. an appointment with a health professional that must be made during the school day
  3. observance of a religious holiday
  4. a family emergency
  5. a planned absence for a personal or educational purpose which has been approved in advance by the school.
  6. educational disruption as defined in Maine law
If your student is absent you will need to email or send a written note in with your student to the front office. We do not accept phone calls. 

Student Dismissal Protocol:
If your student needs to be dismissed you must send a handwritten note with your student or email If you are picking them up you must come into the main office with identification. If the student is driving themselves we will call to verify.

Closings & Delays:
PATHS follows the Portland Public Schools closings and delays. If the district your student attends is closed and Portland remains open, your student will receive an excused absence.

Driving Policy:
​PATHS has no specific driving policy, it is up to the discretion of the partner school. Should the school allow your student to drive, students must fill our our driving permit that is to be signed by their parents and the school principal and return it to our main office.

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