Lisa Hicks







Program Description:

The Arts Academy Dance Program is a modern dance based program for high school students interested in pursuing a professional experience in the performing arts. Students take daily technique classes in modern dance and ballet technique as well as hip hop, choreography, dance composition, and improvisation.

Students are exposed to a wide range of professional guest artists and other styles of dance  throughout the school year in the form of one day workshops or special projects including jazz dance, Musical theater, West African dance and drumming, Sculpture and Dance,  Theater, Yoga,  Capoiera, Salsa.

Since the Arts Academy Dance Program is a performance based program, students perform several times throughout the school year in our black box theater space at PATHS and at other venues and events in the community such as the PATHS annual Fashion Show. Students attend concerts and workshops with professional touring dance companies each year in Portland and Boston through partnerships with Portland Ovations and MELMAC.

The Arts Academy Dance Program is the only comprehensive dance program for high school students in the State and is  aligned with National Common Core Standards for Dance, National Standards for Dance Education,  and the Kennedy Center Standards for Dance Education. Community Partnerships and Advisory Board members include David Reese and Falmouth Physical Therapy, Bowdoin College Department of Theater and Dance, USM Dance Faculty,  Portland Ovations. Interested students must schedule an initial first visit through their guidance department. After the initial visit, prospective students must return to participate in an audition - class, which is scheduled in the early Spring.  Students of all levels are encouraged to visit and apply to the dance program. Successful candidates are serious, mature individuals who are interested in a collaborative, rigorous experience.



Modern dance and Ballet Technique

Hip Hop Technique


Introduction to Pilates/Core - strengthening and conditioning for dancers

Making dances and introduction to  dance composition

West African dance workshop

Special projects and workshops with a variety of guest artists in a variety of dance styles and interdisciplinary art forms.

Introduction to Dance History/Dance and Culture/Writing about dance.


Career Opportunities:

Instructor and Artist
Dance Movement Therapy

Two visits required: one introductory & one audition