17-18 Quarter 3 Students of the Quarter
17-18 Quarter 3 Students of the Quarter

Sam Kelly

Automotive Collision


Sam has near perfect attendance, shows up every day with a smile on his face and the drive to be engaged in something! Sam has excellent hands on skills, work ethics, drive and the problem solving skills it takes to get things done and done to the best of his ability.


Jeremy Powers

Auto Tech I

Jeremy is a very bright young man that demonstrates outstanding thinking skills that are required to repair the advanced automotive electrical systems of today's cars.

Eric Thompson

Auto Tech II


Eric has been a hard worker all year long. He competed in the Skills USA state competition and won the silver metal in Automotive Service Technology. Eric has earned $13,000.00 is scholarships to UNOH the college he plans to attend in the fall.  Through our AYES student job placement program he is employed at Pape Chevrolet and is doing very well. Eric has also been earning dual enrollment credits that will be transferred to UNOH when he attends (at no extra cost).


Andrew Kenny


South Portland

Andrew is a first year student and is a leader on his team. He approaches every day like a professional and produces high quality work. His attention to detail and accuracy helps ensure a quality product is going out the door.


Kaleb Facteau

Culinary Concepts

South Portland

Kaleb is an outstanding student. He is motivated, engaged, rarely absent, works in the industry and is full of promise. A first year student here at PATHS, we look forward to watching him develop his cooking and baking skills.


Autumn Heil

Commercial Art


Autumn is an amazing, driven, talented art student working on many projects at the moment including A Van’s culture national shoe competition.  Autumn will be in commercial art class again next year fulfilling an AP art credit. She also designed this year’s art show poster.


Emily Thompson



Emily is a junior and highly talented, motivated, and daily positive force in the dance program. Emily’s favorite form of dance is musical theater and jazz and you can see her choreography at our spring concert!


Colline Kopacz

Early Childhood


Colline is a model of dedication and hard work. She keeps our classroom organized, and is always looking out for others. She has been volunteering in a multi-age 1st and 2nd grade classroom for the past 3 years.


Ashley LePage

Food Service


Ashley has come into her own this quarter as she demonstrated the ability to learn new skills very quickly as well as excellent leadership skills.  Ashley will be graduating this year and we know that she will be successful in whatever goals she pursues.


Emily DiBiase

Health Science


Emily is a second year nursing student and is extremely hardworking, cheerful, kind and dedicated student. She is always willing to help others and over the past two years she has only been absent from class a total of 6 days.


Caty Marean


Bonny Eagle

Caty is an extremely hardworking, cheerful student who tries everything she is asked to do. She is a team player and all like to work with her.


James DiCenso


South Portland

James is a great example of a kind, hard working, dedicated student. James works hard at his craft and does it with a smile. He is eager to learn and has learned a great deal. He is a go to person for all the students in class, and always lends a hand.


Luke Symalla



His pleasant outlook, great attendance record and high grades made an easy pick. Luke has always taken time to help others when needed and never shy to ask a question. Luke is a senior this year and plans on attending the Advanced Composite program at Great Bay Community College.


Jonathan Harm

Manufacturing Technology

Casco Bay

Jonathan has been placed in a Work Study job with Integrated Automation Solutions in Portland, and works at IAS 3 days a week and attends PATHS 2 days a week.  Jonathan has participated in First Robotics for the past several years and has built and programmed a Robotic Arm at PATHS.  His work for IAS combines his skills in assembly of electrical components with his manual machining skills.  Jonathan is also Dual Enrolled at SMCC and will earn 4 college credits for college-level work he is completing online.


Zole Mngqibisa


Casco Bay

Zole is a dedicated worker and always discovering creativity in everything she does with music. She is an excellent team player and collaborator.  She is a senior at Casco Bay High School, and plans to pursue music study in college next year.


Nicholas Tarbox

New Media


Nicholas is a second year student with the passion and an incredible drive to be a success in the film industry and his dedication to the craft of filmmaking is impressive. He has shown tremendous growth in so many areas it’s difficult to name them all. However, it’s his dedication to his craft and his work ethic that really stand out. He has also put his heart into learning the personal skills needed to be an excellent film writer and director.


Maryam Hameed

Plumbing & Heating


Maryam is a dedicated student who has given lots of effort this year learning the basics of Plumbing. Her projects are done quickly, accurately and with pride. Her classroom worksheets and quizzes are among the highest grades in the class.  Best of all, she has a great sense of humor!


Jalen Jellison



Jalen has been making great progress towards his certification goals.  He has excellent attendance and his efforts in the class are exceptional.


Rachel Chapman



Rachel is always willing to help out, with a smile on her face she does whatever needs to be done. She is always looking to learn new skills. Rachel designed and woodburned the artwork on the canoe paddles that are being donated to Camp Sunshine.