18-19 Quarter 1 Students of the Quarter
18-19 Quarter 1 Students of the Quarter
Tyler Dufour 
Auto Collision 

This is Tyler’s first year in Auto Collision, but he has an enthusiastic can-do attitude. He has excellent attendance, is motivated and is a hard worker. Tyler’s eager to learn and easily grasps different concepts. He’s often the first student to arrive every morning, and the last to leave. Once a task is explained to him Tyler needs minimal supervision and isn’t afraid to ask clarifying questions. He maintains a positive attitude and is an example to other students. I anticipate he will have a productive year in Auto Collision.

Santiago Patenaude 
South Portland High School 
Auto Tech II 

Santiago has shown himself as a great example of an automotive student. "Santi" as we all call him, was in the afternoon class last year, and because South Portland moved to the morning he is now a morning student. He transitioned very quickly making friends with the morning students. Santi works very hard in the shop and is always eager to take on any job that is put in front of him. Santi is going to have a very promising future in the automotive field.

William Lane 
Greely High School 

William is a conscientious student who has a keen eye for detail. He strives to produce professional quality work on all his projects. He is a self-directed learner and has excellent problem solving skills. He usually works his way through the blueprints and seeks help only when he needs clarification. William has very good attendance and always came back after school to make up work that he missed. William also spent an entire Saturday (8:00 AM – 3:30 PM) here at PATHS during a make-up day. He did not owe any work or missed time. He came in just to work on his project, which looks great!

Kodiak Kucine 
Scarborough High School 
Culinary Concepts 

Kodiak has nearly perfect attendance, takes every assignment seriously, works fastidiously in the kitchen and always puts out his best effort. I would hire him in a minute.

Bevyn Taylor 
Scarborough High School 
Commercial Art 

This is Bevyn's first year at PATHS in the Commercial Art program. Her dedication to art is evident in her creative approach to the art assignments and her daily work habits in class. She is methodical in her drawing and painting techniques. Bevyn works part time at Michaels Arts and Crafts. Congratulations Bevyn!!!!

Kiara Simms 
Casco Bay High School 

Kiara is a strong student who leads by quiet example. Kiara is committed to hard work and to the progress of the group, she supports her peers and challenges herself to be the best she can be every day.

Mackenzie Simpson 
Portland High School 
Early Childhood Occupations 

Mackenzie is an extremely hard worker and is always able to figure out how to be the most helpful. She works well with others, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Her hard work, excellent attendance and perseverance has earned her the opportunity to begin a job shadow placement next quarter. She will be volunteering at Youth and Family Outreach, which is a private, non-profit preschool in downtown Portland. Congratulations, Mackenzie!

Ryan Verrill 
GNG High School 
Food Service 

Ryan is a second year student who consistently goes beyond expectations. He is always willing to take on more work and is very conscientious about the quality of his work. Ryan has a wonderful sense of humor and treats both his peers and teachers with respect. He has certainly earned the student of the quarter award this quarter.

River Cochran 
Greely High School 
Health Science 

River is very dedicated and hard working. River is out going and a joy to have in class. He is respectful, and helps others whenever needed. River has excellent attendance and always comes to class with a smile.

Brad Houle 
OOB High School 
Landscapes & Gardens 

Brad has a passion for landscaping and sought out this program because he wants to learn more and attend SMCC for horticulture next year. He is a kind leader who works hard and helps others. He already has his own business and excellent work ethic.

Dylan King 
Portland High School 

Dylan strives everyday to do his best work. He asks great questions and really enjoys Masonry. He has completed the forklift training and has not missed any days or been tardy this year.

Kyle Nelson 
Deering High School 

Kyle has perfect attendance for the quarter, and is enthusiastic about learning Precision Machining skills. Kyle is always willing to help his classmates, and is progressing well with learning the fundamentals of Advanced Manufacturing. Kyle is also interested in Industrial Robotics and will be building a robotic arm as part of his Manufacturing Technology curriculum.

Hunter Walkup 
Falmouth High School 

Hunter is a talented and focused musician with refined high level guitar skills. He consistently brings a positive attitude and intense curiosity to all the work of the music program. As well as being a leader in the program as a performer, Hunter also gives full attention to learning audio engineering in the recording studio.

Zachary Davis 
GNG High School 
New Media 

Zach earned this honor by displaying his desire to learn as much as possible in his time in the program. He hustles on everything he needs to do. He watches, he uses each piece of equipment that he can until he’s comfortable using it. If he finds that something has him vexed, he takes it upon himself to ask questions and/or watches How-To videos until he’s sure he understands what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. His drive, desire to be the best and his passion for his chosen field have earned him this honor.

Max Johnson 
South Portland High School 
Plumbing & HVAC 

Max has been a great source of advice and has been helping reshape the program. Max steps right to the front when a project needs a lead. If a project is not working out, or is giving him some difficulty he doesn't give up, but continues to find a way to get it right by trial and error, or accepting advice. He has a drive to succeed and his perseverance always sets a good example.

Sam Norberg 
South Portland High School 

Sam is focused, goal oriented, works hard and stays on task. He is a true leader who leads by example.

Rachel Chapman 
Portland High School 

Rachel is a class leader and she goes above and beyond to help others in the class succeed. Rachel is always striving to learn new things and to improve her woodworking skills. She is willing to accept responsibility and has amazing follow thorough on any task she takes on.