18-19 Quarter 2 Students of the Quarter
18-19 Quarter 2 Students of the Quarter
Erik Nightingale Falmouth Auto Collision Erik has a good attendance record, completes his homework assignments in a timely fashion, and consistently exhibits a positive outlook. Erik is always eager to learn, not only in the classroom but also in the shop, where he has shown he’s a quick learner. His can-do attitude is contagious, and as a result is a positive influence to other students. I anticipate Erik will continue to be successful, not only in this class, but in his other endeavors as well.
Camron Martin Kennebunk Auto Tech I Camron has an A average for both quarters as well as perfect attendance. He is a serious student who always helps out wherever he can. He understands mechanical things and retains and applies his knowledge to whatever he is working on. He will have a great future in this automotive business.
Baely Ames South Portland Auto Tech II Baely has a very good attendance record, which is crucial for success in the automotive program. Baely is always eager to get his work completed in the classroom and in the shop. He always performs any task that is asked of him in the shop and is willing to put in the extra effort to try to solve problems. For example, Baely and his shop partner Santiago was able to diagnosis and repair a non-charging alternator instead of just replacing it.
Caleb Kennedy Falmouth Carpentry Caleb is a first year student in the carpentry program and came to us with a good foundation in construction experience. He has excellent skills and improves upon them every day. He has a keen eye for detail which ensures quality on the project he is working on. Caleb is a leader and has good organizational skills. He is the foreman on the project his team is working on, and does an excellent job facilitating the work for the day, as well as completing the work he is assigned. Caleb shares his knowledge and experience with the other students; helping them to improve their skills. Not only is Caleb a great mentor, he is a nice guy, and a pleasure to work with.Congratulations Caleb, and thanks for all your hard work!

Kasha Sullivan Gray New Gloucester Culinary Kasha has really taken advantage of what we have to offer. After a presentation to our class by Sodexo, Kasha finished her resume and landed a job with them as a cook at Central Maine Hospital in Auburn. During class she is engaged, professionally minded, asks pertinent questions and her ability to focus has her at her work station up to the last minute, squeaking out everything she can from her experience here at PATHS. She is well on her way to a promising future in the food service business.
Tabitha Burgess Bonny Eagle Commercial Art Tabitha has excellent attendance and is a hard worker in class, always open to learning new skills. She has maintained a high average and is in her first year as a Commercial Art student. This honor for her is well deserved.
Sarah Tajonera Gray New Gloucester Dance Sarah has excellent attendance, an amazing work ethic, and embodies a daily respect for the study of dance and the daily collaborative process. Sarah leads by example. She is a leader, kind collaborator, and devoted artist.
Megan Josephs Falmouth Early Childhood Occupations Megan brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm to school each day. Even though she is our youngest student, she has adult-level employee skills. She is a keen observer of our preschool children and is able to understand their unique learning needs. Megan comes to school ready to dig in to the work ahead of her, and is always willing to help others.
Evan Morrell Gorham Food Service Evan is a second year student who has made great strides in his learning. He has worked very hard on gaining new skills and working well with others. Evan has a great sense of humor and treats both his peers and teachers with respect. I am proud to present Evan with the Student of the Quarter award this quarter.
Katy Flores Casco Bay Health Science Katy has excellent attendance. She always arrives with a smile and a willingness to work. Katy always goes above and beyond to participate and help other in class. I am very impressed with her work ethic and the pride she takes in all that she does.
Ravon Beane Deering Landscapes & Gardens Ravon has made remarkable progress during her time in this program. She has greatly improved attendance, work ethic and demonstrated leadership skills. She is kind and helpful to others and always volunteers to get things done. Ravon's growth in confidence, empathy and problem solving skills will make her a valuable employee.
Jake Heacock Bonny Eagle Masonry Jake has excelled in masonry due to his eye for detail. He works very hard at his projects and listens to instruction well. He is a very clean mason and he takes pride in his finished product. Jake is building his first permanent project right now using country wall stone and his eye for detail is really helping him on this challenging piece. I am impressed with his work ethic and his patience in trying the new things I throw at him. Jake is going to pursue a career in the building trades upon graduation, possibly in the HVAC field. I am proud of him and his work.
Sean Bailey Scarborough Marine Systems Sean has maintained a great attendance record and high grade average. He has consistently taken the time to mentor and assist 1 st year students, and has demonstrated a positive work ethic in and out of the classroom. His patience and diligence has helped him succeed in the marine field. Sean had been one of five juniors last summer working an apprenticeship in the marine trades, and currently works part-time at Portland Yacht Services. With Sean’s recent acceptance to Main Maritime Academy, He has been studying the laws of thermodynamics, while keeping up with the curriculum.
Mason Guimond Gorham Manufacturing Technology Mason is a first-year senior, is quickly learning Precision Manufacturing skills, and has developed a particular interest and aptitude in Precision Grinding. Mason plans to set up his Gorham High School 2-week Senior Internship with a local Precision Grinding company with a national customer base. Mason will continue his training in a Precision Manufacturing Associate Degree program. Upon graduation from PATHS Mason will be able to choose from an abundance of good jobs in Manufacturing, including with companies that will pay full tuition for his college degree.
Siama Green Deering Music Siama has an excellent attendance record, is a true team player in all of the program activities, and has shown a consistently positive outlook. Siama is always willing to help others and, whether or not she is aware of it, she is a positive role model for the other musicians. Siama is a very talented and creative performer with an expressive voice. Her passion for writing is strong and shows a keen individual perspective.
Brandon Sprague Deering Plumbing & HVAC Brandon has family in the heating business with Giroux Energy and he has already been working hands on in the field with them. He hopes to continue with the company after finishing this program. Brandon shows a lot of interest and initiative in the shop and outside as well. As I mentioned before he is using the opportunity with Giroux to its fullest potential by working there some afternoons and days off from school.
Jalen Jellison Kennebunk Welding Jalen works as an electricians helper after school and on weekends. His hope is to gain employment at Pratt and Whitney in South Berwick Maine. He will be filling out his application shortly and counting down the days to the interview. Good Luck Jalen!
Jaden Wing Gray/New Gloucester Woodworking Jaden is working with our volunteer, Bruce, learning as much as she can about the lathe. She has made rolling pins, pens and bowls. Jaden has been a great resource for other students in the class. The Gorham House assisted living residents are always thrilled to see her when they come to do their monthly projects. Jaden has been a leader on the projects we do with the residence. Jaden has also been doing some beautiful wood carvings with our other volunteer, Dick.