18-19 Students of the Quarter Q3
18-19 Quarter 3 Students of the Quarter

Caleb Blackstone


Automotive Collision

Caleb exhibits a positive attitude while working in the shop, as well as having excellent attendance. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he can follow instructions, has a good work ethic, can work without supervision, and completes tasks in a timely manner. Additionally, Caleb has good study habits, which has led to his completion of all online assignments. Clearly, Caleb would be a positive addition to the auto collision industry.

Nolan Shardlow


Automotive Technology I

Nolan has maintained an A average throughout the year so far. He has excellent attendance and is a motivated student who is well liked by his peers. Nolan has an A in Automotive Electricity which is one of the most difficult curriculum areas. He has earned 2 third party certificates from Ford Motor Company which will make him highly sought after upon graduation. Great Work Nolan!!

Manny Diggs


Automotive Technology II

Manny's attention to detail has helped him become one of the top students in the second-year class. Manny was part of a two-man team that competed at the UTI Top Tech Challenge where he and his partner took first place! He won a 10,000 scholarship to UTI and a Snap-on tool box for the school. Manny also represented PATHS at the SkillsUSA Maine State Championships where he won gold in the Automotive MLR competition. Great work Manny keep it up!

Cynthia Higgins Fontaine

Casco Bay


Cynthia has a great work ethic and is very diligent about doing a thorough job. She has missed a few days throughout the year, but always makes up her time and work. Cynthia comes in for Saturday make up and she, along with her classmate Emilea, will often stay after class to work on their projects. Cynthia was also the first 1st year student to pass all of her power tool licenses. This is an accomplishment some 2nd year students have not yet met.  Cynthia approaches every assignment as a professional. She strives for excellence and pays attention to detail; especially when she is in charge of inspections and inventories, whether it be checking ladders for safety, or making sure all the tools are accounted for.

Haley Greyeyes

Casco Bay

Commercial Art

Haley is in class everyday working from beginning to the end on beautiful pieces of fantasy art. Haley won the student choice award at the beginning of the year on her piece, ART IS....... Commercial Art students voted for piece as the best. Haley often stays late in class to work on her drawings and will return next year!!!


Mateo DeMucci



Mateo shows up early every day ready to work. He selflessly and with great flair, jumps into every task assigned. Because we provide refreshments for multiple meetings, many of which begin as the students are arriving, Mateo’s early arrival and enthusiasm for being a good host has been a key element for us to be ready by having hot coffee, tea and platters of baked goods for the groups arrival. Having a positive attitude first thing in the morning is to be celebrated. Mateo is poised for success regardless of the profession he enters because of his resilient and willing attitude. It is nice to have a student who can be counted on to always lift up the class with his bright smile and desire to do his best. He sets a good example.

Valerie Sanborn



Valerie is a first-year senior who has been accepted to UMaine Farmington and USM for the Fall of 2019. Valerie is an amazing performer, actor, and skilled dancer with an extensive performance resume. Val is a force in the dance studio every single day. She is driven, committed and compassionate. She is an all-around positive influence in our program!


Meaza Silva


Early Childhood Occupations

Meaza is a first-year student in Early Childhood Occupations, and from the first moment she entered our classroom, she has been a role model for professionalism. She is kind, respectful, and helpful to everyone she works with, and is quite talented when it comes to interacting with young children, and helping them to redirect their behavior. The preschoolers light up when Meaza arrives, as they can see that she truly enjoys them. She also plans creative, developmentally appropriate lessons, and can easily keep children engaged during circle time.


Ellie Baltes


Food Service

Ellie has come a long way in realizing her potential and being able to accomplish things she didn't think she was capable of.

Hannah Perkins

Bonny Eagle

Health Science

Hannah is a hard worker and always attends class. She is always willing to help her fellow classmates and works well with everyone. Hannah is always a joy to have in class.

Savannah Dow


Landscapes & Gardens

Savannah is a quiet worker who is always willing to step up and do what needs to be done. She is a steady worker who is a calming influence in the group and works well with everyone. Savannah enjoys working outside and will make an excellent landscape maintenance worker if she chooses.


Jean Michel Ntakiyiruta

Casco Bay

Manufacturing Technology 

JM recently completed a senior project for Casco Bay High School that informs fellow CBHS students of the many good opportunities working in Advanced Manufacturing. After graduation JM plans to continue his training in a Precision Manufacturing Associate Degree program while working for a local manufacturing company. JM works hard and is a great model for his fellow students.


Mathew Pidgeon


Marine Systems

Mathew has completed 5 additional Suzuki certifications on his own, outside of the class curriculum. Matt is a very motivated student that has a gift for mechanical engineering. On his free time you will see him working on a project on the shop floor either starting or finishing another project.


Garret Francoeur



Garret is a very motivated worker. He works hard to do his best work everyday. Garret has very good attendance and is always happy to be here. Garret gets along great with his peers and always helps others with their projects. I am proud of his achievements this year and look forward to seeing him do great things in the future.


Simon Hale

Casco Bay


Simon brings a positive and focused attitude to class every day. His consistency and high work ethic are to be commended. Simon has moved into a lead engineer position in the recording studio, has applied himself fully in the music theory learning and while he is a consummate musician instrumentally, he took a courageous performing step this quarter by choosing to sing. I look forward to Simon's next artistic steps.

Lia Hansen


New Media

Lia has had an outstanding second year in New Media. Her dedication to learning her chosen career path is unwavering. She is smart, has strong people skills and demonstrates her ability to adapt to new situations on a daily basis. Her work is consistently excellent and her fellow students have absolute faith in Lia's judgement when working in a group with her. Mr. Beane trusts Lia's natural abilities to the point that he has used her in a mentoring role with her fellow classmates.

Julia Scholz

Casco Bay

Plumbing & HVAC

Even though Julia is new to the field of Plumbing and HVAC she is already showing great potential, and that potential shines through on each project she works on. She takes initiative on her own work, has taken the lead on many group run projects and has mentored other classmates. She takes a very positive look at things and seems to be genuinely interested in the work we do. She will be going far in this world.


Rachel Chapman



Rachel transferred to welding from woodworking at the half year. She has worked diligently to get caught up on her safety pamphlets and safe equipment operation. She is now practicing her welds for the AWS certification test. She is currently in Guatemala on a mission with her church to help build a new kitchen for a small village. What a great service to the community!!


Griffin Marquis



Griffin is self-motivated. He is a hard worker, has great attendance and is always thinking ahead about what the next project will be. Griffin is working closely with our volunteer on the lathe to create some beautiful projects.