19-20 Students of Quarter 2
19-20 Students of the Quarter 2

Caleb Blackstone

Automotive Collision

Caleb is a senior and a second-year student in the program. As such, other students often look to Caleb for guidance, input and feedback. Caleb is usually the first one to volunteer for a project and displays an infectious can-do attitude. His strengths are his maturity, knowledge, enthusiasm and leadership abilities. Caleb is always looking to learn new skills regarding the automotive collision industry. Upon graduation, I anticipate he will be very successful within the field.


Lydia Baker

Automotive Technology I

Casco Bay
Lydia is a hard-working student that has an eye for detail that surpasses most of her peers. She loves to help others and does not stand around. She maintains good grades and has near perfect attention. With her work ethic, she could become anything she wants to be. She excels in every challenge she has been given and would make an excellent employee in the future. Great job Lydia!


Elijah Hatt

Automotive Technology II

Elijah comes to class each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to work. It doesn’t matter what job is assigned to Elijah, he takes the challenge and works through it. He also goes out of his way to makes sure the tools are picked up and put away at the end of the day. Nice Job Elijah!


Ella Couture
Biomedical Health Science
Casco Bay
Ella deserves this recognition because she always gets right to work when she arrives, and takes her work seriously. Ella is very dedicated student who is always willing to help whenever she can.


Jason Farmer



Jason has excellent attendance and an impeccable work ethic. He is always on task and producing professional quality work. Jason incorporates problem solving skills daily as he progresses through the group shop project. He is also a great example of a team player. Jason works well with all the other members of his crew and inspires them to excel as well. We want to congratulate Jason for his hard work and accomplishments!


Sydney Vermette
Commercial Art
Sydney is a second-year student and has worked very hard in class for the past two years and deserves this honor! She is planning on attending art school after graduation and loves painting and drawing.


Noah Ehnstrom

Culinary Arts

Gray-New Gloucester

Noah shows up ready to work every day and brings an enthusiasm and fresh attitude to each task. He is curious, exploring new tastes and foods all the time and brings some interesting ideas to the table as well. PATHS is the perfect place for Noah, a hands-on, 'show me the relevance' kind of student and I am glad he is here. He is hungry for industry knowledge and invested in his own future. I look forward to seeing how he develops as a cook, eventually earning the title of chef.


Gavin Bolduc

Cyber Security

Gray-New Gloucester
Gavin is an extremely hard worker and very driven to learn as much as possible in the program. He has taken many of the skills learned in class already and applied them to his personal security posture. Gavin is proving to be a very talented analyst and can only improve from here.


Connor Hall

Connor is an accomplished actor and brings intense focus and enthusiasm to his work and to our class every day. His friendly disposition and inclusive nature brings his classmates together and raises the level of the work done by the entire group. Connor reaches beyond his physical capabilities every day and has improved his technical abilities dramatically in just 4 months. Great work Connor!!


Adelina Homewood

Early Childhood Occupations

Addie deserves this recognition because she always gets right to work when she arrives, and takes her work seriously. She has great insights about children, and is quick to help others when needed. She is currently participating in a job shadow placement at Longfellow School in a kindergarten classroom, where she is well-loved. Addy plans to attend Thomas College next year to study elementary education.


Ashley Washington

Food Service

Ashley is a second-year student who continually goes above and beyond what is expected of her both in the classroom and the Café. Ashley is extremely hardworking, cheerful and always willing to help which made it an easy choice to nominate her for student of the quarter!


William John

Landscapes & Gardens

William is a first-year student and has jumped right in and proven himself as a leader and role model for other students in the class. He is curious, very kind and always gives his best work!


Sam Parrott

Marine Systems

Sam started this program as a senior working on a fast-track with the program and is currently fulfilling two years of curriculum studies to pass the MST Certification exam in May. He is currently working an internship with Portland Yacht Services and also serving as a student representative for PATHS on the Portland Public School Board.


Garret Francouer

Garret is a class leader who works very hard every day. He enjoys Masonry and throws himself into the most challenging projects with a smile. Garret is respected among his peers and is always willing to help anyone who may need a hand.


Colin Brinson

Colin comes to the program with advanced technical skills on the drums, and has an enthusiastic and infectious friendly nature. He encourages other musicians in class to take risks, while always demanding the best from himself. Colin is curious to learn audio recording technology. I look forward to his spring performances with his fellow students.


Isaac Randall

New Media

Bonny Eagle
Isaac is a smart and hardworking young man. He's a good friend and mentor to his classmates. Isaac's been accepted to UNE & UMO and plans on majoring in Marine Biology. He plans on combining a degree with his New Media skills so that he can produce programming on the ocean's wonders. With all the skills, talent and personality that he brings to the table, there's no doubt that Isaac will be doing great things!


Matthew Pettengill

Plumbing & HVAC

Bonny Eagle
This is Matt's second year in the program and throughout his time he has shown passion and excitement for the field. Matt is always ready to work and looks for more to do when he completes his assignment. One of his goals after graduation is to become a Marine.


Dom Borelli

Baxter Academy
Dom is a junior who has just passed his horizontal plate test.


Will Jordan

Will is bowling us over with his skill on the lathe. He is making some beautiful and intricately designed bowls. Will is constantly challenging himself to work harder and smarter as he takes on new ideas and designs on the lathe. He is always willing to help out and has great problem-solving skills that we are constantly tapping into.