19-20 Students of Quarter 1
19-20 Students of the Quarter 1

Katelyn Arsenault
Automotive Collision
Portland High School

This is Katie’s second year in Automotive Collision and in that time she has earned over thirty nationally recognized industry certificates. She has developed into a knowledgeable and dependable student. This quarter Katie has perfect attendance and brings a can-do attitude to class every day. As a second-year student, she has accepted more responsibility, and as a result will often volunteer to assist other students in the shop. Katie has recently developed an aptitude for paint and refinishing.


Chris Tevanian
Automotive Technology I
Cape Elizabeth High School

Chris has an A average and has attended school 3 more days than his sending school. Chris is always willing to help others and is a great role model for his peers.


Baely Ames
Automotive Technology II
South Portland High School

Baely is a third-year student and has worked hard in the shop preforming all the tasks that I have assigned him. He also helps mentoring first and second-year students. Baely continues his hard work outside of class at Pape Chevrolet. Keep up the good work Baely!


Ella Cote
Biomedical Health Science
Windham High School

This is Ella’s second year in the Biomedical Health Science program, and she has been a joy to have in class. She is always willing to help others and help out when ever needed. Ella works hard and has an amazing attitude. She has a history of great attendance, and is a self-directed learner. I am excited to nominate Ella for the Student of the Quarter. Congratulations, Ella!


Anna Gannon
Portland High School

Anna is a first-year student who is interested in real estate and flipping houses. She has perfect attendance and still came in all day for a Saturday make up. Anna has a great work ethic and always strives to do her best. She does quality work that is of a professional level and always completes her work on time. It was a very difficult decision this quarter because there were so many deserving candidates. After scrutinizing all the students work, Anna's stood out as exemplary! Congratulations, Anna!


Zach Hager
Commercial Art
Casco Bay High School

Zach has applied to art schools and worked very hard in class to hone his skills.


Eric Neat
Culinary Arts
South Portland High School

Eric shows up every day ready to go to work. He is always ready to help others and often selflessly helps keep things in the kitchen organized. He is focused and determined and always the first to hand in his assignments. Great Job Eric!! Welcome aboard!


Gavin Hines
Cyber Security
Greely High School

Gavin is a second-year PATHS student and has been a huge help getting the lab setup and orienting Mr. Jalbert to PATHS. Gavin contributed a ton to his picoCTF team and learned quite a bit in the process.


Kaitlyn Depeter
Bonny Eagle High School

Kaitlyn is a second-year student and senior from Bonny Eagle. Kaitlyn has an outstanding work ethic and is dedicated and positive force in our class. Kaitlyn is planning to major in dance at a four-year college next year.


Rose Langone
Early Childhood Occupations
Kennebunk High School

This is Rose's second year in the Early Childhood Occupations program, and she has been a consistent source of kindness and creativity for our pre-k students. She gets to know each child in our program, and is able to develop strategies to support each child, individually. Rose works hard and stays focused on meeting the needs of the preschool students each day. She has a history of great attendance, and is a self-directed learner. Rose will be beginning a job shadow placement at Kennebunk Elementary school next quarter. She is well on her way to completing CDA (Child Development Associate) certification. Congratulations, Rose!


Nick Villanueva
Food Service
Gray-New Gloucester High School

Nick always arrives with a smile on his face and a willingness to work, setting a great example for others with his positive work ethic and amazing attitude. Nick is a joy to have in class and I am excited to present Nick with the Student of the Quarter award!


Matt Hale
Landscapes & Gardens
Scarborough High School

Matt is a very talented person who is able to do anything we need and helps everyone. He is a second-year student and has been a huge asset to our program for two years. His visual spacial reasoning skills are outstanding and he creates masterful art in the form of stone sculptures, flower arrangements and gardens. He is our go to person for technology assistance. He is one of the kindest people I know.


Deacon Small
South Portland

Deacon is a first-year student with a real passion for building. He is a motivated mason who has a keen sense for straight lines. Deacon is quick to help others and has been a model for other learners in class.


Lanie Charlton
New Media
Gorham High School

Lanie is a classroom leader that leads by example. Whether it's photography, videography, editing or graphic work, she's always hungry to learn more about her chosen field and enjoys the challenge of taking her learning and putting it to practical use. She is also a wonderful mentor to her classmates and always willing to lend a helping hand to her classmates. Lanie is the kind of student that every teacher dreams of having in their classroom. Congratulations Lanie!


Bella Harmon
Plumbing & HVAC
Scarborough High School

Bella started the program in the second semester her junior year and worked hard to catch up with the other students. She brings a great attitude everyday. Along with her positive outlook she strives to do great work and isn't afraid to ask questions, or seek help if something isn't making sense, which is a quality I wish more students would see as an asset instead of an embarrassment. One project comes to mind that was giving Bella a challenge. Even though she was frustrated she continued trying until she got it right. It is this perseverance that makes her a perfect choice for student of the quarter.


Wyatt Brown
Greely High School

Wyatt is a one year senior and has done extremely well in the class to date. He is currently working on his cut test and his horizontal paddle wheel and will be most certainly trying out his horizontal plate test soon. Congratulations Wyatt!


Jade Martinson
Casco Bay High School

Jade is very motivated to try out new ideas and to learn new skills. Jade is always very kind and helpful to classmates. Jade is exceptional at relating to and working with the residents of the Gorham House who come in to do projects with us once a month.