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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to acquire 21st century academic, creative and technical skills needed for entry into the global workforce and/or postsecondary education in order to become contributing members of their community.

About Us:
PATHS is greater Portland’s career and technical education (CTE) high school. Maine’s CTE schools are centers for hands-on, technical education and career-focused programs. Today's CTE programs (previously known as vocational) prepare students for a wide range of high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers.

Students have the opportunity to attend PATHS and learn a trade of their choice while still in high school. Students typically attend for two years during their junior and senior year. To attend PATHS students must be enrolled in an affiliated partner high school (see our homepage for a list) and will attend one of our two sessions: morning from 8:00-10:30 or afternoon from 11:00-1:30. During the second half of the day students will attend their partner school.

Students will graduate with a high school diploma from their sending school while potentially having obtained a national certification and college credit in the field of their choice. Our programs offer articulation agreements and dual enrollment agreements with area community colleges that will enable you to graduate from high school with college credits. Programs also offer the chance to receive national certification in their industry area, which will give you a leg up on job competition. Please visit individual program pages to see what articulation agreements and certifications are available.

All students who come to PATHS have made a significant commitment to further their education. While you will still be required to meet the graduation requirements for your own community, you have decided to go way beyond those requirements and also meet the standards developed by industries. This will give you a decided advantage over others who do not take advantage of this outstanding opportunity.

Core Values:

:  PATHS is committed to providing students with an authentic and rigorous Career and Technical Education (CTE) learning environment; building skills and knowledge that expand creativity, problem solving and the innovation required for the current and future workplace.
Community: We believe that as a CTE center, one of our inherent strengths is our relationship with our community partners. We will support and advocate for our
 students, families, schools, businesses and each other, as well as seek to expand these relationships.
Empowering Professionalism: We will continue to embrace our professional responsibilities, be self-reflective and committed to personal and professional growth.  Through equal and consistent accountability and support for both students and staff, we will develop effective and innovative teaching and learning practices.  
Trust & Collaboration: In order to have a supportive and respectful culture for each other and our students, we recognize the need to nurture an environment of trust.  Individually and collectively we will construct an atmosphere of collegiality recognizing that our combined experiences and perspectives guide our efforts to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.
Communication: We recognize that effective communication is vital to healthy organizations.  Therefore, we will practice open, honest and regular communication with our colleagues, students, and our community partners.

It is the policy of Portland Arts & Technology High School not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its educational programs and its employment practices. If you have questions, have witnessed or have experienced acts of discrimination based on these criteria and wish to express a grievance contact our Titel IX/504 Coordinator Barbara Stoddard at (207)874-8100 or

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