Admissions Statement

Admittance at PATHS is focused primarily on juniors and seniors. However, sophomores are considered for enrollment on a case-by-case basis. PATHS starts new students in the Fall from the first day of school through October 1st. Visits for Fall enrollment are conducted from January to May of the previous school year.


All students that are interested in attending a PATHS program must do a program visit; these visits are a full immersion experience for the student. Students will be actively engaged in hands-on work during their visit. Students will participate in both technical and academic activities designed to help them to get an understanding of the program. Students must follow safety procedures; if a student cannot operate safely during the visit, the visit will be ended. 


During this visit, a student’s interest and ability to meet the academic and technical program requirements, as outlined for each program, will be gauged. This, along with their ability to comprehend and practice good safety habits will determine if they are invited to join the program. This is an opportunity for the student to get a sense of whether or not the program is a good fit for them. Students should feel free to ask questions of the instructor and the other students in order to gather as many details as possible. 


Many of our programs may have more students visit that can be accepted, therefore we strongly recommend students come prepared to engage during their visit and consider visiting multiple programs. After the visit students should check with their school counselor regarding their admission status. If you are not accepted to your program of choice, you are welcome to visit another program, provided there is space available. 


Admissions Process

1.     Interested students should visit the PATHS website to explore the many CTE program offerings available to them. 

2.     Once a student has identified a program they are interested in, they will need to schedule a program visit with their high school counselor. Program visits for fall enrollment are scheduled from January through June, or until the program is full with a waiting list. 

3.     Students should dress appropriately for their visit; they will be participating in hands-on learning.

4.     On the day of your visit, students will travel to PATHS on their sending schools CTE bus, upon arrival please check-in at the main office and you will be escorted to your program.

5.     During the visit, you will be asked to fill out the PATHS visit form, which asks for your mailing address, guardian contact information, and current attendance record. 

6.     After visiting, students should follow-up with their school counselor for information about their enrollment status at PATHS.

Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination

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