PATHS is greater Portland’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school. Maine’s CTE schools offer hands-on, technical and career-focused education. PATHS programs prepare students for a wide range of high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand careers. PATHS provides its students with the opportunity for relevant and challenging applied learning experiences designed to enhance their occupational, personal, and academic success while preparing them to meet the needs of the Maine workforce. 

PATHS programs prepare students to be ready for career and post-secondary opportunities by:

- Delivering expert instruction in national industry-related standards and technical skills.

- Providing an opportunity for student academic success through multiple pathways.

- Partnering with area employers and local industry to ensure that students are ready and prepared to meet the needs of the workforce.

- Introducing and reinforcing general employability skills that are common to all work environments.

- Coordinating with postsecondary partners to facilitate a seamless transition into continued learning opportunities.

- Providing a safe, positive, and enriching environment within the classroom, laboratory and business community which fosters creativity, individual achievement and promotes the students' abilities to succeed.

Students attend PATHS for two years during 11th and 12th grade. PATHS is not a comprehensive high school and students still attend their sending school for half of their day to earn their core academic credits. Students will attend one PATHS program during their two years in one of two sessions: 8:00-10:30 or 11:00-1:30.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide opportunities for students to acquire 21st century academic, creative, and technical skills needed for entry into the global workforce and/or post-secondary education in order to become contributing members of their community.
Equity Statement

PATHS is committed to supporting every student's journey to career readiness and post-secondary education by promoting equity in all policies and procedures, eliminating barriers to success, encouraging family engagement, and establishing and maintaining businesses and community partnerships to guide and support all students. We recognize that racial, religious, gender, gender identity, socio-economic, ableism, and other inequities exist in our society and schools and commit ourselves to enhance our educational awareness and intolerance to any overt or underlying issues that hinder equity for all.
Core Values

Students: PATHS is committed to providing students with an authentic and rigorous Career and Technical Education (CTE) learning environment; building skills and knowledge that expand creativity, problem solving and the innovation required for the current and future workplace. Community: We believe that as a CTE center, one of our inherent strengths is our relationship with our community partners. We will support and advocate for our students, families, schools, businesses and each other, as well as seek to expand these relationships. Empowering Professionalism: We will continue to embrace our professional responsibilities, be  self-reflective and committed to personal and professional growth.  Through equal and consistent accountability and support for both students and staff, we will develop effective and innovative teaching and learning practices.   Trust & Collaboration: In order to have a supportive and respectful culture for each other and our students, we recognize the need to nurture an environment of trust.  Individually and collectively we will construct an atmosphere of collegiality recognizing that our combined experiences and perspectives guide our efforts to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration. Communication: We recognize that effective communication is vital to healthy organizations.  Therefore, we will practice open, honest and regular communication with our colleagues, students, and our community partners.