Automotive Technology


The Automotive Technology program provides students with skills to develop a thorough understanding of the design, construction, and operation of automotive systems. During their two-year involvement with this program, students are taught how to troubleshoot, service and repair modern automobiles. Using the most up-to-date technology available, students are prepared to face the challenges of today’s automotive industry needs. National affiliations with the SkillsUSA, Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) national workplace learning, and ongoing placement opportunities with local dealerships provide practical skill development and first-hand experience in the industry. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as an automotive technician, brake specialist, tire specialist, service writer, parts specialist and more.


Year I:

Shop Safety

Measurement Fasteners and Tools

Lubrication System

Cooling Systems

4 Cycle Theories

Engine Rebuild


Ignitions Systems

Fuel Systems

Computer Controls


Year II:

Wheels and Tires


Steering and Suspension

State Inspection

Engine Performance

Live Shop Work

National Standards:

Automotive Service Excellence


ASE: Automotive Service Excellence

Ford Service

Maine State Inspection License

S/P2: Safety & Pollution Prevention

Valvoline Oil

College Credit:

Southern Maine Community College

AUTO 101- Introduction to Automotive Technology (1 credit)

AUTO 102- Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair (2 credits)

AUTO 111- Steering & Suspension (2 credits)

AUTO 116- Breaks I (2 credits)

AUTO 155- Electricity & Electronics (4 credits)

AUTO 175- Internship/Cooperative Education (3 credits)

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Career Prep



Is This Program A Fit?

I enjoy...

‣ Solving technical problems

‣ Working with cars

‣ Working with my hands

‣ Working with people and customer service

I am able to...

‣ Be a Learning Person- the automotive industry is always growing and changing

‣ Maintain Physical Dexterity- move around a vehicle and into small spaces

‣ Perform Technical Skills- use a wide range of tools and dangerous equipment safely

‣ Problem Solve- issues under the hood of a vehicle aren’t always obvious to determine

I am comfortable with...

‣ Math- arithmetic skills including multiplication and division, decimals and basic algebra

‣ Reading- interacting with technical documents

‣ STEM- science, technology, engineering, mathematics

‣ Writing- creating repair orders