Food Service


The Food Service program prepares students for entry-level employment in the food service industry. This exciting program offers hands-on experience and learning through the operation of a student-run café. Students receive a varied hands-on education in food preparation, equipment usage, sanitation, personal hygiene, customer relations, teamwork, attitude, initiative, and independence. Students are supported to meet their needs with a focus on building self-confidence, independence, and collaborative working skills. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as a prep-cook, counter server, dishwasher and more. 


Safety: Personal, Equipment, Food, General Kitchen


Personal Hygiene

Manipulative Skills: Knife Usage, Hand Tools, Stationary and Portable Equipment, Techniques

Recipes: Ingredient Identification, Measurement, Following Directions, Proper Tool Usage

Table Service: Table Setting, Service, Selling Product

Work Affect: Attitude, Collaborative Skills, Participation

Personal Affect: Leadership Skills, Mentoring, Giving and Receiving Feedback


ServSafe Food Handlers

Suggested Integrated Academic Credits:

Career Prep


Is This Program A Fit?

I enjoy…

‣ Working with food

‣ Working with people and customer service

I am able to...

‣ Communicate- working with customers and maintaining polite professional relationships

‣ Follow Directions- follow multi-step written and verbal instructions while maintaining safety and quality of work

‣ Perform Technical Skills- use a wide range of tools and dangerous equipment safely

I am comfortable with...

‣ Math- use  of basic arithmetic skills including addition, subtraction, fractions, decimals, and money skills including coin and bill identification

‣ Reading- comprehension of technical documents including recipes and daily work logs

‣ Writing- ability to effectively complete daily assignments