The Masonry program is designed to instruct students in the different aspects of masonry. Students learn shop and job safety practices and procedures while developing the skills of design and layout. Projects such as fireplaces, steps, planters and more will be done using brick, block, dry stone and decorative precast concrete. Students receive related instruction in blueprint reading, layout work, measurement, sketching, and estimating. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as a mason tender, bricklayer, contractor, tile setter and more.



Crane Rigging

Masonry Tools and Equipment

Measurements, Drawings, Specifications


Masonry Units

Installation Techniques


Masonry: Brick and Block Construction

National Standards: 

Home Builders Institute

National Association of Home Builders



OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10-Hour Safety

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Career Prep


Is This Program A Fit?

I enjoy...

‣ Being creative in hardscape design

‣ Being physically active

‣ Working with my hands

I am able to...

‣ Maintain Physical Endurance- moving heavy materials and equipment around shop floor

‣ Pay Attention to Detail- having a good eye for detail

‣ Perform Technical Skills- using a wide range of tools and dangerous equipment safely

I am comfortable with...

‣ Math- arithmetic skills including multiplication and division

‣ Reading- interacting with technical documents

‣ STEM- science, technology, engineering, mathematic