PATHS Quarterly Newsletter
PATHS Quarterly Newsletter

Portland Arts and Technology High School Fall 2016

My Education, My Choice

Message From Our Director

Dear PATHS Supporters,

I am writing this column on the fortieth school day here at PATHS; in that time our students have already achieved so much. Students have begun to sit for third party pre exams in preparation for full certification exams in the spring. Every program has started individual and group application learning projects. Students in carpentry are working on finishing a 2000 sq. ft. modular home and music students have given their first public performance...these are only some of the many application-learning projects underway here at PATHS. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds.

Two areas of focus for the faculty and me will be in the area of student recognition and attendance.

We have great students here at PATHS, students that have made the decision to step outside of their comfort zones and attend a second high school. Our students excel in so many ways and we feel it is incumbent on us as a school to recognize these achievements. This year we will be recognizing students of the quarter from each program. Students that receive this recognition have demonstrated commitment and perseverance to their learning, as well as support to their fellow classmates. We will also have the “right now” recognition program where instructors are recognizing students when they demonstrate grit and perseverance on a specific learning task in their programs. We look forward to celebrating the many positive achievements of our students during this school year.

The second, but equally as important focus, can be summed up in the following tag line Every School Day Counts. In order for PATHS students to progress and learn they need to be here. When students are absent they are missing crucial instruction time as well the opportunity to apply their learning in a shop situation. With this in mind we will be monitoring student attendance and will be reaching out to parents and sending schools to find ways to support students with their attendance.

We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, and as always if you would like to visit PATHS please contact us and we will schedule a tour for you.

Sincerely, Kevin J Stilphen

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