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Careers in Education

The Careers in Education program is designed for students contemplating a career as a teacher or in any occupational area that focuses on children. Students will acquire the knowledge, attitude, behaviors and skills required to be effective in a school setting or in the wider community. Through partnerships with SMCC and CMCC, students will explore careers such as teaching, social work, and specialized therapy (occupational therapy, speech therapy, and developmental therapy). The program offers practical experience in our on-site, public pre-kindergarten classroom in which classroom instruction is applied in a real situation. Students will also learn about the art and science of teaching, educational philosophies, stages of development, curriculum planning, observation and assessment, and partnering with families. Students will be expected to participate in our on-site pre-kindergarten classroom, complete weekly written performance reflections, perform child observations, create lesson plans and learning materials, and create a professional portfolio.  The program offers students completing the two-year sequence of study an opportunity to explore various levels of teaching through internships. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as a pre-k teacher, educational technician, nanny, tutor and more. 

Is this program a fit?

I enjoy:

  • Creating activities and having an active imagination

  • Helping others

  • Working with children


I am able to:

  • Be Creative - creating innovative lesson plans and activities that engage all children

  • Communicate - listening and communicating with children 

  • Display Patience - working with children who are full of energy and curiosity

  • Use Interpersonal Skills - dealing with and relating to children and families understanding their concerns and needs, as well as working with other members of the classroom team

I am comfortable with:

  • Reading - interacting with technical text about child development

  • Social Studies - studying child growth and development, family systems, and issues that impact children and families

  • Writing - reporting children’s daily progress as well as essays, newsletters and other written communication