Careers in Education


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The Careers in Education program is designed for students contemplating a career as a teacher or in any occupational area that focuses on children. Students will acquire the knowledge, attitude, behaviors and skills required to be effective in a school setting or in the wider community. Through partnerships with SMCC and Educators Rising, students will explore careers such as teaching, social work, and specialized therapy (occupational therapy, speech therapy, and developmental therapy). The program offers practical experience in our on-site, public pre-kindergarten classroom in which classroom instruction is applied in a real situation. Students will also learn about the art and science of teaching, educational philosophies, stages of development, curriculum planning, observation and assessment, and partnering with families. Students will be expected to participate daily in our on-site pre-kindergarten classroom, complete weekly written performance reflections, perform weekly child observations, create lesson plans and learning materials, and create a professional portfolio.  The program offers students completing the two-year sequence of study an opportunity to explore various levels of teaching through internships. 


Developmentally appropriate curriculum content and implementation

Child development

Intentional teaching strategies

Positive behavior guidance and classroom management strategies

Learning environments

Family engagement

Adapting for individual differences

Cultural inclusivity


National Standards:

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Association for the Education of Young Children


Educators Rising

First Aid & CPR

Dual Enrollment:

Southern Maine Community College

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Career Prep

English Language Arts



Social Studies



Effective verbal and written communication to support collaborative professional relationships with colleagues and children’s families.

Ability to develop curriculum and accurately report children’s daily progress.

Ability to compose essays, newsletters, and other written communication.

Ability to model speech appropriately for young children and English Language Learners.

Ability to interact with text at 9th grade reading level.


Provide appropriate supervision to ensure the safety of 3-4 year old children.

Respond quickly to children in the event of an emergency.

Implement emergency response plan in a prompt and calm manner.

Actively participate in and support early childhood education settings’ daily routine, including but not limited to sustained periods of mobility, physically interacting with children, and participating in and facilitating gross motor activities (including ability to sufficiently bend, reach and lift small children), in indoor and outdoor environments.