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Comm Art

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Comm Art


The Commercial & Advertising Art program is designed to help students learn how to make and market their art to build a career and generate income. Building a strong portfolio and setting up art exhibits to show and sell work is ongoing. Students learn how to effectively create layout and design for posters, logos, illustrations and tee shirts by hand and computer. Each year students will participate in competitions and have their work exhibited at various locations in the community. A weekly sketchbook is mandatory as well as constructive critiques of student work. This class is a great opportunity to learn how to strengthen art and computer skills while demonstrating creativity. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as a graphic artist, illustration artist, designer and more.


Drawing Skills, Poster Design/ Layout, Logo Design, Tee Shirt Design, Postage Stamp Design, Advertising Parodies, Hand painted Signs for Businesses, CD Cover Design, 2D Perspective & 3D House Design, Floor Cloth Design, Yearly Art Show Setup, Portfolio, Business Card Design, Artist Statements & Resumes, Greeting Card Design, Presentation of Work: Mat Cutting, Shrink Wrapping, Mounting, Laminate, Greeting Card Design, Art History, Critique, Silk Screening or Relief or Intaglio Print Making

National Standards:

GAEF: Commercial and Advertising Arts


Adobe Certified Associate

SkillsUSA Workforce Ready Graphic Design 

Articulation Agreement:

Southern Maine Community College

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Career Prep

Fine Arts



Effective communication to support collaborative professional relationships.


Some basic knowledge of the computer ( word documents, fonts, any experience in drawing programs but not necessary) students will get practice on iMacs in class.

Have some basic drawing skills and be willing to improve and keep an open mind.