Fashion Marketing

Jane Krasnow






Program Description:

Welcome to a class where creative students have been chosen to learn about the exciting world of the fashion industry.

Marketing is a major focus. Students apply their newly acquired knowledge through hands-on activities including displaying merchandise and constructing store windows. They also plan and present seasonal sales promotions in a student run school store.

Through specific assignments and their own experimentation, they will be progressing towards finding a voice of their own in fashion design.  Students will also learn how to use and manipulate the tools of the trade (i.e. sewing machine and fabric) in order to become more skilled in rendering the garments of their own design.  At the end of the year students will take part in producing a fashion show, where their garments will be shown. 

At the end of each year students can be awarded a certificate of completion or participation depending on the length of time  are enrolled in the program. 


Year I: World of Fashion Marketing, School Store Operations, Customer Service & Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Economics & Fashion Marketing, Introduction to DECA, Product Development, Promotion

Year II: Market Research, Channel Marketing Management, Pricing & Finance, Management Functions, Internship, Business Plan, Employability, Distribution, Purchasing, Inventory Control

National Retail Federation Customer Service

Career Opportunities:
Visual Merchandising
Store Management
Fashion Buying
Retail Merchandising
Fashion Designer