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Landscapes & Gardens

The Landscapes and Gardens program is designed to expose students to the varied jobs in the “Green Industry”, including landscaping, greenhouse productions, aquaponic and outdoor vegetable and fruit production, floral trades, and retail sales. The learning environment includes a 3,000 square foot greenhouse, as well as a 40 acre campus. Students will work with display beds, gardens, orchards, aquaponics systems and the extensive grounds of our campus. Practical greenhouse, landscape, and garden techniques are taught in a collaborative environment. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as a nursery/greenhouse worker, sustainable agricultural worker, gardening crew member and more.

Is this program a fit?

I enjoy:

  • Creating and maintaining landscape installations

  • Growing plants and learning about natural food production

  • Working outside on my feet

  • Working with dirt and soil


I am able to:

  • Communicate - work cooperatively and professionally with customers and coworkers

  • Use Gross and Fine Motor Skills - for hands-on work, including but not limited to mulching and maintaining garden beds

  • Work Independently - follow multi-step written and verbal instructions while maintaining safety and quality of work

I am comfortable with:

  • Science - greenhouse productions, aquaponic and outdoor food production

  • Writing - ability to effectively complete daily assignments