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Marine technology is a two-year program offering many opportunities for students to find their interests in one or more skill sets in the field. A willingness to learn, good attendances and a positive attitude are necessary for success. The primary focus of this program serves as an entry level to many post secondary education and employment opportunities for marine repair facilities, boat yards, boat builders and yacht services. This course is designed to teach the necessary theoretical and practice skills to prepare and educate individuals to become competent marine technicians with career readiness skills and an aptitude for the industry. Students will gain the ability to diagnose, repair, install and rebuild multiple marine systems, inboard and outboard engines, diesel engines, AC & DC electrical, marine electronics and composite boat building and repair. Highly motivated students have the opportunities to receive multiple certifications and intern opportunities with local boat yards and repair facilities. Each section of the program includes a large portion of shop time in order to strengthen the student’s hands-on skills. Curriculum:

Year I: Small Engine

Shop safety, tools & measurements, fasteners & sealants, engine construction, theory & operation of 2-stroke & 4-stroke engine, small engine maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilding, carburation, ignition systems, lubrication systems, cooling systems, customer service skills, basic DC electrical theory & installation, battery systems, introduction to marine composites & coating

Year II: Marine Systems

Customer service skills, introduction to boat handling & safety, outboard & inboard engine maintenance, troubleshooting & repair, advanced DC electrical theory, troubleshooting & installation, fuel injection systems, marine diesel & support systems, marine electronics installation & troubleshooting, marine composite repairs & coatings, seasonal maintenance & shrink wrapping. Certifications: ABYC Evinrude Yamaha Valvoline Oil NMEA Articulation Agreement: Washington County Community College Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:


Science Career Opportunities:

Small Engine Mechanic

Boatyard Technician

Boat Building

Marine Engineering Requirements:

Long Pants

Closed Toe Shoes

Positive Attendance History

Positive Attitude