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The Music Program at PATHS opened it’s doors to high school students interested in the study of performing arts in 1999 under the name of The Arts Academy, comprised of the music program and a modern dance program, where it received local and national support.  Many interested Greater Portland residents and the Maine Commission for the Arts helped create an environment for highly focused and individualized study. In this two-year music program, you will learn how to interpret and perform many contemporary musical styles from Rock to R&B, Pop to Jazz and Funk. There are three aspects of the program: Performing, Music Theory, Recording Studio.  Students perform four times a year, with one evening Rock Show off campus.  Students will record each other to create an Album.  You will also study music theory, arranging, songwriting, and the ins and outs of the music business. Upon completion, you will be able to start your music career, or take your education up an octave by getting your bachelor of music degree from a college or university. The audio engineering component of the music program is unique in its’ approach to introducing students to recording, mixing, music production and live sound.  Students receive instruction in recording, mixing, editing, a foundation in the physics of sound and electricity, and an in-depth survey of popular music fundamentals.  With plenty of hands-on opportunities, students learn engineering techniques with cutting edge ProTools software. Curriculum:

Music Theory Sight Reading/ Ear Training Dictation Songwriting Performance Audio Recording

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Fine Arts Career Opportunities:


Music Educator


Song Writer

Music Producer

Audio Engineer

Recording Engineer

Sound Mixer

Digital Workstation Editor

Post Production Engineer

Mastering Engineer

Music Scoring Requirements:


Short Essay

Teacher Recommendation

Positive Attendance History