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New Media


Our world is moving faster every day and media production for the Web or TV is a powerful force within it.  From Adobe Photoshop and Flash to Panasonic and Sony, the New Media program at PATHS introduces students to the basics that all new media producers need.  Students are prepared for career or college with an individualized curriculum designed by our staff.  Every student will master the basics of graphic design, project design and management, shooting and editing video, and Adobe PhotoShop.  Then our staff will work with each student to create a customized program for more advanced study.  Whether a student is planning on a college career, an apprenticeship, immediate entry into the workforce, or any of these combinations, the New Media program will prepare that student to be successful.  Introductory topics in New Media include Photoshop, Concepts in Graphic Design, Project Design and Management, and Introduction to Video Creation and Editing.  Advanced Topics include Broadcast Programming, Concert Sound Production, Script Writing and Animation, and more. Curriculum:

Cameras EFP (Electronic Field Production) Camera

Microphones & Sound



Digital Photography


Internet Usage

Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Fine Arts

Career Opportunities:

Video Tape Editor

Production Assistant

Video Production


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