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Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing & Heating


Plumbing & HVAC is a two- year program providing instruction in all phases of repair, maintenance, and installation of plumbing and heating equipment. One year of the program is spent in the plumbing lab learning to work with all types of pipes, joints, traps, fixtures, tanks, and pumps. In the other year, students study three types of oil heating systems: warm air, steam, and hot water. Students will be involved in the practice of installation, maintenance, and adjustment of equipment, as well as the wiring of the electrical components of oil burners, including trouble shooting, testing, and adjusting. Both years use a nationally recognized curriculum with national registry for qualified students.  Graduates have basic entry-level skills to enter the workforce or attend technical schools in HVAC, Plumbing, and Heating. Curriculum:

Plumbing Year:

Design, Installations, & Repairs, Hot Water Tanks, Water Supply, Drainage, Waste, & Vents, Solar Hot Water Fixtures, Tools, Pumps

HVAC Year:

Design, Installation, & Repair, Radiant Heat, Gas & Oil Domestic Hot Water, Hot Water Systems, Efficiency Testing, Heat Calculations, Warm Air Furnace, Steam Heat, Hot Water Systems Certification:

OSHA 10-Hour Safety Card Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Math Science Career Opportunities:

Commercial Plumber

Construction Plumber

Service Plumber

Sprinkler Installer

Heating Installer

Heating Repair

Pipe Fitter

Licensed Inspector

Plumbing Sales

HVAC Technician Requirements:

Closed Toe Shoes

Positive Attendance History