Program Description:

The Woodworking is designed to prepare students for an entry level position within the woodworking trade. Students will learn about tool safety, tools, joinery, turning, fasteners, abrasives, finishes, and computerized CNC routing. Students make individual, group, and class projects from a variety of woods. All students will be exposed to community service, artistic techniques, manufacturing, and custom craftsmanship through field trips and shop projects. Students who complete the program can further their education or enter into the workforce as furniture and related product designers, bench carpenters, wood product manufacturers, boat builders.


Measurement, Project Preparation, Intro to Hand Tools, Hand Tool Safety, Intro to Power Tools, Safety Table Saw, Jigsaw, Sanders, Spindle, Disc Sander, Belt Sander, Drill Press, Safety Planer, Safety Router, Safety Slide Miter, Jig Making, Furniture Design, Turning, Lathe Safety, CNC Router, Woodcarving


Suggested Integrated Academic Credit:

Career Prep

Fine Arts




Ability to use and perform basic arithmetic skills including addition and subtraction. 

Ability to interact with text at 8th grade reading level.


Commitment to safe behavior in the shop.

Ability to follow multi-step written and verbal instructions with limited supervision while maintaining safety and quality of work.

Ability to make decisions in a timely manner and move to execute those decisions.

Ability to carry and manipulate building materials.

Ability to work safely independently around and with dangerous equipment such as: Table Saws, bandsaws, lathes, chisels.

Possess manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination.

Ability to actively participate on the shop floor including sustained periods of mobility.

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