Mid Term
MidTerm January 2016
The midterm for PATHS Woodworking students will be to create a Kahoot a Quizlet or a Socrative quiz. We have used both of these websites in class and they should be bookmarked on your Computer or I-pad.

Here are links on how to create these:
To create an account click on this link  Kahoot

For a You-Tube on how to set up your account and use Kahoot click here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mRzrjbM6aw

If you want to create a quiz in Socrative here is the link http://www.socrative.com

Here is a You-Tube link on how to set up and use Socrative.

To create a Quizlet account click on this link:

How to use Quizlet link:

Rubric for the Midterm is on the Forms section of this Website.

Checklist for project 

Midterm  2016 Checklist 

_________The quiz has at least 15 questions 

_________The quiz contains information learned in class    

 _________Quiz has least 5 photos or diagrams                         

_________Information is spelled correctly  

_________ Information is correct

__________ Information is organized

_________  Project is completed on time

 _________  Project has been shared with teacher

 _________ Project was presented to the class

 __________ I worked as independently as possible on this project