PEF Grant Maine State Carousel
Maine Carousel
Posted on 09/08/2016
This is the image for the news article titled Maine Carousel The woodworking class and the 4th grade art students at Lyseth Elementary School are collaborating to create a 36" carousel containing all Maine animals. The 4th grade class is studying Maine history and will be creating a guide book and coloring book to go with the carousel. The woodworking class is building the carousel and will be creating small carousel toys to be displayed along side the carousel.  Pictures to be posted soon

The carousel will be on display at Lyseth and PATHS upon completion and eventually we hope to get it displayed at additional locations.

Gerry Holzman the creator and head carver of The Empire State Carousel will be a guest speaker and advisor to the project.  To see the Empire State Carousel go to Empire State Carousel
Carousel ride

small carousel

small carousel